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Allan Lim

Allan Lim, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"Before, not very sure the real concept of most of the internet marketing terms. For example, adwords, adsense, affiliate program and etc. Now after the 2 days course, I understand the real concept of internet marketing and know how to apply most of the marketing tools in internet marketing."

Alvin Wong

Alvin Wong, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"This is the first and only internet marketing seminar I have attended. I had questions about doing certain things or usage of codes such as adwords or adsense. There were also questions on how to go about web design. I managed to get my answers and versions options to do things on the web. The seminar was a rush to the brain but with the 6 month after support, it will help in clarifying problems and show proper steps in creating a website suitable for my needs."

Asiani Megawati Wijohno

Asiani Megawati Wijohno, Indonesia, 13 August 2006

"It's given me great (very great) ideas on how to make money, to make business from the internet, that's great. Thanks fione."

Herman Susantio

Herman Susantio, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"This course it's an eye opening for me as a starter in internet marketing. I've learnt a lot of things that we need to know first before I start to sell online. Fione and her team have done a good job in coaching us. I don't regret attending this class as it has really benefited me for my future business."

Herman Susantio

Isabel Tay, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"Didn't know where to start or how to start online biz. Workshop gave a very clear roadmap and practical tips. Saved me the time and effort to sort through the internet jungle. I am excited that i can finally start something straight away with greater confidence. Lively, interactive workshop format that maximizes learning. Having done training workshops myself, I’d say it’s been well organised and managed by the team."

Herman Susantio

Ismail Haron, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"Actually, before attending the program, I've watched all the DVDs twice over. But I insist I had to attend the coaching live! I had attended one seminar in Malaysia and a workshop (also in Malaysia). I would have loved it if eOneNet organizes a move practical 'hands-on' program- it will be superb! Anyway, the best part is we get the coaching directly from the best coach in this field and probably the best in the world."

Herman Susantio

Jaime Ng, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"The program has helped me understand internet marketing better."

Herman Susantio

James Yap, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"I see the light...finally. This course helps me shorten my learning curve and saved me a lot of time. Trying to figure all these out myself would have taken ages. Thanks!"

Herman Susantio

Jasmin Emmanuel, Malaysia, 13 August 2006

"I've always wanted to learn how to use the internet to my advantage but didn’t know from whom. I did attend one seminar and although there were a lot of materials, I didn’t know how to get started. Then I though why not check out Fione Tan. I've seen her advertisements lots of time and finally went to a preview. At the preview, I was very impressed, not only by her knowledge but also her spirit of sharing and from someone so young, I was truly sure that I have found the right coach to see me through. I couldn’t wait for the KL session in November and thus made an effort to attend the Singapore session. I am convinced I have made the right decision because I found her an excellent teacher. Fione has cleared many of my doubts and even though I still have many questions, I am happy in the knowledge that she will be holding my hands for the next 6 months to make sure my dream will be a reality. Thank you Fione."

Herman Susantio

Jasuratna T., Malaysia, 13 August 2006

"Not net savvy. I could not understand the concept. After (this coaching program from eOneNet), i can do it with little support anybody can do it. I am ready."

Herman Susantio

June Lee, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"These 2 days of training are really an eye-opener for me. I am a newbie in this internet and the training provide really gave me a clearer picture (from Fione Tan) - the best from internet marketing. Thanks Fione and teams."

Herman Susantio

Linda Lim, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"I am very happy to participate in this program. What comes to me as a surprise is the part about affiliate programs. I didn’t know money can also come in such an easy way. The tutors here are very nice and sincere people and they have helped very much in my learning."

Herman Susantio

Linda Michelle Tan, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"I have been sourcing for e-commerce ideas based on interests. But I faced a lot of uncertainty in terms of reliability of the (business) model. After the program, I have a better idea of how to select hot products as well as the technical tools to market these products. What's best, I now know how to generate income without having to actually sell any products."

Herman Susantio

Loh Chorng Wenn, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"Well! This is the first time i attend an internet marketing coaching programs. Before this program, i don't have any idea how to set-up a website. After this two days program, I learn where to search for hot selling products, how to drive traffic to my website and the best part is I learn how to build a website with little capital."

Herman Susantio

Michael Teng, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"Before, I have previously attended another internet marketing workshop. But it was not helpful, a bit high level. There were many questions still lingering in my mind that were left uncovered. I was wonder whether the eOneNet program was going to be the same. After attending the program, I found it has helped me answer many of my questions. I also found Fione Tan to be a very good trainer- she has kept me awake and engaged the whole time in what is supposedly to be a very boring subject."

Herman Susantio

Roy Wong, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"Fione and the team have done an excellent job in organising such information and made it easy internet 2 day coaching program. I must confess my skepticism and doubts in making money over the internet before attending the program. But it has now been cleared and answered perfectly. The profoundly hands-on and industry first jam packed with latest IT and teaching approach employed by Fione during the last 2 days were indeed thought provoking and I personally have benefited clearly from such learning. has make learning of internet business a breeze. I, especially found of the 6 month action plan and meeting and follow up after the program have strengthened boosted, our determination to make a great success in internet career."

Herman Susantio

See Foon Koppen, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"I came with no expectations but high curiosity. At the end of a most intensive 2 days, I am excited by the possibilities and the horizons that have opened up. There is finally a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. All the hours that I've spent surfing in the net can now be generated and be put to use."

Herman Susantio

Wendy Lim, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"I know nothing about how we could go into internet business before joining this coaching program. I have got a lot of information and understand how we could go into internet business. I am very happy on the course, a lot of things I realize even some web hosting peoples may not know about it."

Herman Susantio

Yeo Guat Chiew, Singapore, 13 August 2006

"I have many doubts on how to earn money on internet, what is e-commerce about? Simply wondering, how the system work. I have a clear idea on how the e-commerce worked even without having any products to sell. The main task is to build my webpage to better understanding the practical concept of the internet marketing. Tips given are very practical."

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