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WARNING: Don't attend another Internet Marketing seminar, or attempt to start any Internet business,
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Allan Lim

Abdul Karim bin Abdul Ghani, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"The workshop opened up a wide window of opportunities of money making process utilizing current state of the art internet based technology, tools and facilities which are affordable, to make me able to reach global market at the convenience of working at home. I have been very skeptical and naive about my ability in using the internet other than browsing. But now,
it will be able to exploit the rich resources and marketing tools in order to develop a viable marketing strategy for my future. Thanks to eOneNet for providing me this opportunity!"

Alvin Wong

Adrian Tay Nguan Haul, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"eOneNet has given me an ideal of ways in making money online. Before that, I have no ideas of how is online trade being done, after going through the 2 days coaching, I have a basic ideas of making money online."

Asiani Megawati Wijohno

Annie Ngui Fui Ling, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"Before attending this coaching, I've heard of people making money from Internet. I just like pondering what to sell online and how things work out. After these 2 days coaching, I do not have to be a stockist, or even manufacturer of my own products to sell. I can sell simply any other people products. With applying the skills that eOneNet has simplified out to the participants. I have VERY clear road ahead. Thank you eOneNet."

Herman Susantio

Billy Fong Goon Poy , Malaysia , 21st November 2004

"This is a great value for money program on internet success! I am amazed by the wealth of knowledge that was disseminated in the 2 day program. I certainly would recommend whoever would like to set up a web site or going into internet business to attend this program! Before attending this program, I had paid a web hosting company to help set up my company's web site. However, I was no satisfied with the results. Out of frustration, I set up my own web site using Yahoo! DIY web builder. I managed to set up a basic web site. However, there are a lot more things that I want to put on my web site but I find the learning curve too steep as there is no coach to refer to. I found most of my questions being answered in this two day program. I look forward to the online and face to face meetings for the six months support. I am really amazed at the vast potential of business opportunities in cyberspace. I strongly urge all CEOs of companies to attend this program. Wishing eOneNet all success!"

Herman Susantio

Cheah Mein Kuok , Malaysia , 21 November 2004

"Before attending this 2 days coaching, I thought that only computer experts can make money online. After attending the coaching, I already have a few products in mind to turn into a money generator. With this program organized by eOneNet, I now feel more confident to start to make money online."

Herman Susantio

Chong Chen Tong, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"My biggest problem before joining the program is I was reading too much of Internet Marketing strategies that I could not find a coherent and workable flow to kick start my Internet project. Even though I was careful enough not to spend too much on the project, I was hitting no way. The course provides me a workable step-by-step flow from identifying niches to completion of setting up an Internet business. It will monitor my progress in the next six months. I am thoroughly grateful of the assistance I received / will receive."

Herman Susantio

Clarence Chin, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"AFTER : Secrets of internet marketing revealed!
A program that's very comprehensive that gets you started right away on the right track.

BEFORE : Don't know how to get started."

Herman Susantio

Danny Foo Sek Fong, Singapore, 21 November 2004

"There were a lot of Internet Marketing companies out there promoting themselves as Gurus. I was skeptical at first, especially what they promise they can help you to achieve. After attending the Internet Marketing Coaching by eOneNet, I'm convinced that I can succeed in building my own website and start pulling in profits for myself! Thanks eOneNet!"

Herman Susantio

Eric Tay Choon Ho, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"After attending these 2 days of Internet Marketing Coaching, I have a better idea of how a web page looks like including the functional features that are required. Many e- commerce concepts become clearer and that will definitely help my objective to set up an attractive web site and participate in the web affiliate program to increase income. I thank eOneNet for the useful coaching."

Herman Susantio

Fong Keng Sin, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"Internet E-commerce coaching seminar
BEFORE : I have no idea that there were so many tips and tricks loaded by the coaching staffs of The CEO, Fione Tan really knows her stuffs and what she is talking about.
AFTER : With all the knowledge I have acquired from the coaching seminars, I am confident on setting up a successful e-Biz venture. Thank you!"

Herman Susantio

Fong Mun Cheng, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"Before attending, very skeptical whether a local company can provide relevant information on e-commerce from A to Z. After attending, wow, super informative given on e-commerce. I mean the nuts and bolts of e-commerce. Now I am confident my website can be ranked top 10 in major search engines and affiliate programs and Google Adwords (3 source of income) and I am on my way to join the millionaire club within one year. Thanks a million eOneNet."

Herman Susantio

Hariharan Naidu A/L Raju, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"This program is an eye opener that provides easy understanding on setting up an internet marketing business. The course contents was concise and written in easy to understand language. Moreover the speakers and slide presentations was clear. After attending this program,
I now have the confidence in setting up my own internet business."

Herman Susantio

Irene Loh Kwee Lan, Singapore, 21 November 2004

"Before I attend this coaching program, I totally do not know how to drive traffic to a web site, what and whether those sites offering to sell you leads (well at quite a high price) are genuine or not. After attending this course,
I know the various ways to drive traffic to my web site. The different ways to check for keywords, what to put for title, description etc. and also the various ways on how to promote my web site. It is really a value for money coaching program for me as I was searching aimlessly for a few years but nobody is able to advise me. Some ask me to start from scratch like learning to write Javascript, Dreamweaver, etc. which I don't think I have the time for it."

Herman Susantio

Julita Br Tarigan Sibero, Indonesia, 21 November 2004

"After I follow this lesson, I know more about website, how to go online business and understand how to do it. I will do the business, introduce this course to my friends so that they can do their business online."

Herman Susantio

Lim Kim Leong, Singapore, 21 November 2004

"I have just a slight idea of products to sell in the Internet but do not know how, where and when to start. During the coaching program itself I was excited and looking forward to getting more information by the minute as there are all very relevant to all my questions and requirements to get it all started. I am very impressed with the coaching quality and practical factual information received right from the 1st minute in the first day till the last hour as well. It also has its fun and relaxing moments as well in the 5-10 minutes of exercises, jokes, sharing of funny experiences."

Herman Susantio

Loo Wai Chong, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"The coaching program is fun and can know more people from different countries. The knowledge we gain is an invaluable asset for us to build our early retirement plan. It is worth it! With small amount of initial investment, we can discover unlimited or no boundary of substantial income sources."

Herman Susantio

Ravi Shanmugam, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"I have heard, attended and read many books and seminars on Internet business but it was an upset result at the end of the day. I thought it was only for those IT experts! I actually saw the day light and the sunshine of my dream when I read the advertisement of Internet Marketing Coaching from at the Sun Newspaper 2 months ago. Well, my dream is about to come through in four months time from now. Am I confidence? Well, attended this seminar you'll be confidence too!"

Herman Susantio

Rosli bin Yusof, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"No confidence, trying to escape, already attended other seminars; this coaching is very terrific knowledge compared to previous. The Internet Success Coaching taught me how to observe the world market."

Herman Susantio

Stella Wong (Tam Pui King), Thailand, 21 November 2004

"I always wonder how people doing business on Internet. My husband's job need to work in different countries for a long period of time. Because of that, I haven't work for almost 10 years. When I know eOneNet, it's like
a hope for me. After these 2 days workshop, I find more ideas on how to start an Internet business and it answers a lot of questions which I don't understand for the last 10 years, i.e. how people earn money from website, offer free email account and free website, why they collect information or our email account, etc. Now I feel like I can fly!"

Herman Susantio

Wong Chee Kuen, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"CONGRATULATIONS to Miss Fione Tan and Harrace Lau for their "Been There Done That" experience, give me a better picture about internet biz and providing tools and guide to help me in creating my own internet biz."

Herman Susantio

Wong Cheng Teng, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"I was impressed by the Internet Success Coaching that was conducted these 2 days. I know nothing about business and marketing. I started from zero or even negative. Now, I know how to make money online (especially in USD!) Sounds attractive and amazing! I will definitely invite more friends to join this coaching program in the future and maybe to have more linkage with them to create the traffic."

Herman Susantio

Dr.Wong Teck Wee, Singapore, 21 November 2004

"I have the motivation but do not have the specific knowhow and tools to start my Internet business. After the course, my confidence have skyrocketed; and with the promise of "hand-holding" guiding for the next 6 months I will be able to make comfortable REAL passive income."

Herman Susantio

Yap Ming Ming, Singapore, 21 November 2004

"Before attending this seminar, I have lots of reservations about Internet Marketing, not too sure if this course is beneficial to me considering what I not only have to pay a small amount but a pretty substantial course fees. But after these 2 days sessions, I find myself better informed about what Internet Marketing has to offer, the vast opportunities worldwide, from a minimal knowledge to a higher level of understanding. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested to consider Internet Marketing as another option of income."

Herman Susantio

Yong Cheng Chuan, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"3 years ago I always wanted to do something or promote products through Internet but with the IT complication in programming and know how, that has kept me wondering when I can do it. I was excited to see newspaper advertisement on The Star, immediately register online for the preview. After the preview, I signed up the 2 days coaching programs and after attending the 2 days coaching seminars. Lots of information, know how and eOneNet experiences guide us to be fully-equipped and venture into what I always waited to do since 3 years ago. With eOneNet, I have confidence of success of 110% to succeed in Internet business. I would strongly recommend my friends to register for"

Herman Susantio

Yvonne Chin Onn Yew, Malaysia, 21 November 2004

"I have always wondered how people do online business before, and after attending this coaching, it has given me a good insight on what and how to go about doing online business. Very interesting and meaningful."

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