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Internet Marketing Video Course To Make Your First Million
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WARNING: Don't buy another Internet Marketing video, or attempt to start any Internet business,
before you READ THIS : from the World #1
Internet Marketing Coach (as ranked in search engines), Fione Tan

How is this Internet marketing video different from other Internet marketing ebooks or Internet marketing course?

It's more than an Internet marketing video! It produces real making money online success, from scratch!

"I couldn't attend the class because of my personal problem, so I had to watch eOneNet's DVD. I built a website selling glass for my husband's company. The sales and prospects increased a lot as a result. 70% of the enquiries now come from the website, with a closing ratio of 50%. In less than one year, the sales is more than HK$350,000, with one single order in May worth HK$300,000. "

Ruby Chan, B2B Glass Engineering Website To watch her video sharing, CLICK HERE




1. Internet Success Coaching Live DVDs

internet marketing video course - website dvd in English & Chinese

2. DIY SEO friendly Mega Web Site Builder Software

do-it-yourself website creator - search engine friendly website design

3. 2 Months Online Internet Marketing Coaching

internet marketing coaching & website business strategies

you have a chance to grab the FIRST Internet Business Video Coaching Pack which will load you with ALL-YOU-NEED to EARN REAL INCOME on the Internet.

From Fione Tan
President & CEO,

Dear Serious Internet Entrepreneur,

Are you profoundly confused with the claims of different Internet Marketing experts? Are you madly frustrated with not getting traffic or sales for your Internet ventures? The answer is not attending another Internet marketing seminar, nor reading another Internet marketing ebook.

WARNING: Don't attend another Internet seminar

Attending another Internet seminar or reading another ebook will NOT help 99% of the time! Too often in life, we see people who attend seminars or read books, fail to TAKE ACTION and FOLLOW THROUGH. These are the unfortunate majority who want to make money on the Internet but NEVER MAKE IT.

The Single Most Important Success Factor

Why do some people are making an enviable income on the Internet while others fail miserably? The CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTOR is EXECUTION of proven, practical and easy- to- use successful Internet marketing strategies, to be applied on a consistent basis.

It is an uphill task to start the ball rolling, but once you do, all it takes is continued focus and action to produce extraordinary results.

Since 2000, i have made millions each year from starting and running different Internet businesses and helping people from home-based, small and medium sized businesses, and multinationals increase sales online, you are rest assured that I know WHAT IT TAKES to start the ball rolling and to produce extraordinary online success.

The No-nonsense Short-cut To Internet Success

To have a head start in your Internet venture and to continue the momentum of online success, now you have a chance to grab this RED-HOT NEW RELEASE

Internet Success Coaching Video Platinum Pack

This Internet crown jewel will not only show you how I research and find hot products to sell, draw massive targeted traffic to my website within days, get #1 rankings in top search engines, create instant cash flow with proven internet marketing strategies and tactics, it will also equip you with the website and other tools necessary to make money online, and, most importantly, hold you accountable for achieving your goals.

This ALL-YOU-NEED-TO-MAKE-MONEY-ONLINE Package is exclusively bundled with:

1. Fione Tan's Internet Success Coaching Live DVD (DVDs in either English or Chinese)

What if you could get a seat at the US$5,688 Internet Success Coaching seminar conducted by the World's No.1 Internet Marketing Coach, (which is a 2 day Internet marketing training followed by 2 months coaching online)?

"I have made money online before. But after attending eOneNet's Internet marketing coaching course, I started my Internet business from part-time and without any products, and earned different sources of income from more than 10 websites and blogs, and other platforms, with net income from zero to a daily earnings of US$300 to $500, and this has increased to US$2,000 per day during the holiday season!"

Lam, Hong Kong

Yes, I just presented this Internet marketing coaching seminar organized by and the lucky participants had a chance to make real money during the 2 day hands-on training, even before they went home!

This was the first hands-on Internet marketing training with computer and Internet connection which held the participants by the hand and revealed my closely guarded Internet marketing secrets and the step-by-step strategies and tactics I personally used to raise US$26,000 from thin air, make a modest US$2,800 by sending out one email, get more than 100 #1 in search engines, and I am probably the first Internet Marketing consultant who can show my top ranking for the extremely competitive spot of

Top Internet Marketing Coach

Now you don't have to bang your head to the wall that you've missed this because I have arranged for this power-packed training to be professionally video-taped and edited into a How to Make Money Online DVD set

Fione Tan's Internet Success Coaching DVD

Click here to grab this Platinum Video Coaching Now.

Some highlights of what you'll see in these live videos:
The bolts and nuts of the complete A to Z system for Internet success

How to start a perfect Internet business in weeks and raise US$26,000 capital from thin air
Find or create a hot product / service that captures a hungry online market before the end of the training

How to create and sell digital products with the most cost effective software and the step-by-step selling process

The step-by step process to get your website top 10 rankings in Yahoo! and Google
How to build and maintain an opt-in email list from scratch in record time
Explode your sales and leads by integrate email marketing and viral marketing
Recruit a virtual sales force who work for you on commission basis only with innovative affiliate marketing
Copywriting, sales psychology and targeted traffic conversion to dramatically increase the conversion rate of visitors into buyers
Online tools and system for tracking, management and marketing to help streamline Internet business and turn it on auto-pilot
You'll discover the time tested and proven A to Z system of starting and running your own successful Internet business.

Content of the DVDs

Topic 1 - Finding / Creating Hot Products With Hungry Online Market

The pre-requisite of making money online is to find a hot product to sell. Even if you can draw millions of visitors to your site, it's useless if nobody is buying your products.

You will discover:

  • The 3 common things you can sell online
  • The 3 fool-proof ways to create or source for products
  • 4 ways to find hot-selling products
  • How to profit from the billion dollar digital info market
  • How to test if a product can sell for under $100 before rolling it out

Topic 2 - Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Website In Less Than 7 Days

What you want is targeted traffic, i.e. qualified prospects who are ready and willing to buy your products, rather than any Tom, Dick and Harry. It will only take less than 7 days to drive hungry fish to your site.

You will discover:

  • How to use Pay-per-click search engines to draw targeted traffic to your site within days
  • How to bid less but get more traffic
  • How to work out the conversion rate to make sure that the more you pay, the more profits you'll make
  • How to stay ahead of your competitors in the bidding game

Topic 3 - Sales Psychology, Compelling Copywriting and Magic Conversion Secrets

Without a compelling sales letter that sells, even having the greatest product and the greatest website will flop!

You will discover:

  • The 4-step formula to writing a great sales letter or sales pitch
  • 5 tips to write powerful, attention grabbing and effective headlines
  • 7 effective writing techniques, even if you cannot write
  • 7-step winning formula for body of the letter
  • 4 sure-way to use sales psychology to supercharge your sales
  • How to write and get good testimonials, even if your product is new
  • How to increase response up to 1,200 percent with testing
  • How to measure the results of testing

Topic 4 - Secrets of Creating Hot-Selling eBooks and Tools

Digital info is one the hottest selling product online, with highest profit margins and no hassle delivery via the Internet. Are you ready to tap into this digital goldmine?

You will discover:

  • The 11-step system to write, sell, and profit from ebooks
  • The 3 critical things you MUST do before you attempt to write, or you will risk failure
  • How to find out whether your target audience is willing to pay for the info you sell
  • The step-by-step process of writing an e-book
  • How to publish your ebook for FREE
  • How to create your book cover
  • 7 ways to promote and market your ebook for FREE or little costs

Topic 5 - Search Terms Research Tools

You'll need to find out what people are searching for on the Internet to determine the popularity of the keywords of your products

You will discover:

  • What tools to use to discover the right keywords for your products
  • How to search for the most popular keywords related to your products
  • What search terms are currently being searched every 15 seconds

Topic 6 - Raising Funds From Thin Air With A Profit Generating Business Plan

Whether you need some capital to start off your Internet venture, having a good business plan will help you stay focused with continued action which will drive desired results.

You will discover:

  • The 3 major sources of funding available and how to get it
  • The complete components of a business plan
  • The sample business plan template
  • 8 common questions from potential investors
  • The winning presentation formula to investors

Topic 7 - Getting Top 10 Rankings In Search Engines And Directories - Part 1 and Part 2

The No.1 way to drive targeted traffic to your site is via search engines. When a person is searching for your product in search engines and click to your site as a result of your top rankings, he or she is a highly motivated buyer. Getting top rankings in search engines can also open your door to sales globally, without having to spend a fortune on marketing.

I've got over 100 #1 rankings and hundreds of top 10 rankings for my sites and my clients' sites in search engines and I am getting more and more top rankings every day. I am not talking about top rankings for some terms or keywords which very few people are searching for, but hot keywords with hundreds or thousands of searches every month.

For example, in June, 2003, for the term "Miss World", 17,429 searches were done, and my client ranked No.4 out of a whopping 5.3 million listings!

After we made a change in October, 2003, this site is now ranked No.4 out of 11 million listings!

Warning: If you manage to get good rankings for your key words, do NOT brag about it. Because some of your competitors may just copy the keywords used by you and even copied your tactics to try to achieve similar rankings. This is called online plagiarism.

For example, we are probably the first in Malaysia to position ourselves to be Internet Marketing Coach but now you can see how many others are also making similar claims.

A word of advice. If you manage to get good rankings for your key words, do NOT brag about it. Because some of your unscrupulous competitors may just copy the keywords used by you and even copied your tactics to try to achieve similar rankings. This is called online plagiarism.

For example, we are probably the first in Malaysia to position ourselves to be Internet Marketing Coach but now you can see how many others are also making similar claims.

You will discover:

  • 3 different types of search engines and directories you can lay your hands on
  • Step-by-step instructions to submitting to search engines
  • 4 sure-way to secure top rankings in search engines
  • How to insert keywords into meta-tags to secure top rankings
  • Step-by-step instructions to submitting to Yahoo and other directories and getting top rankings
  • How to increase the link popularity of your site
  • How does website algorithm boost your rankings to the top
  • Why submission using software does NOT work
  • How to use Pay-per-click search engines
  • How to submit to paid network listings
  • When will you be blacklisted by search engines unwittingly and how to avoid it
  • What to do if you don't get Top 10

Topic 8 - Building A Huge Email List From Scratch In Record Time

Email is known to be the second most effective technique for driving traffic a website. Sending emails to your own opt-in list will increase response rate as well as avoid the problems of SPAM.

You will discover:

  • The 4 different types of email lists
  • 4 carrots to entice people to sign up your mailing list
  • 6 sure-ways to build your list from scratch, in record time
  • One tactic and tool to increase signing up rate by up to 300%

We will also cover How You can Make Money Instantly With Email Marketing And Viral Marketing

Now you have an email list. This is an "Internet bank" from which you can draw money whenever you need it!

You will discover:

  • 3 success factors of an email marketing campaign
  • 10 sure-win strategies to create a high response e-newsletter
  • How to measure the response of email marketing
  • 3 sure-ways to use viral marketing to generate huge sales and leads in record time
  • Million-dollar viral marketing case studies

Topic 9 - Creating Multiple Sources of Income for Your Site

Discover how you can maximise your current website income using Multiple Sources of Income (MSIs)

You will discover:

  • How to make money online using Google Adsense
  • How to boost your website income by displaying high paying keywords and expensive advertisements
  • Pitfalls that can ruin your website sales income

Topic 10 - Recruiting Your Online Salesforce For No Money With Affiliate Programs

How would you like to have thousands of websites selling your products, under the terms NO SALES, NO PAY You can achieve this by launching your own affiliate program.

You will discover:

  • 3 top reasons why you should launch your own affiliate program
  • 3 different types of affiliate programs you may use
  • 3 ways to start and manage your affiliate program
  • How to set up your own affiliate program for under $100, instead of the usual costs of over $800
  • 7 fool-proof ways to recruit thousands of affiliates

Topic 11- Creating FREE Online And Offline Publicity

Creating publicity is the best way of promotion because it's free if you know how to do it but more importantly, it builds trust and credibility which you'll need to convert traffic into sales. Who is more qualified to teach this subject than us who has been featured for more than 100 times in all major newspapers, including Business Times, New Strait Times, and on Bloomberg, CNBC etc. Click here to check out our media publicity.

You will discover:

  • 7 offline marketing tools and 13 online marketing tools you may use for promotion
  • 3 sure-ways to get FREE publicity
  • How to write and send out a press release
  • How to prepare your own press kit
  • How to organize your own press conference and get the media people to attend
  • Case study of an actual press release and how it was published in newspaper

Topic 12 - Identifying Low Costs Tools To Turn Your Website Into Auto-Pilot

Do you want to continue making money even you are on holiday, or while you're sleeping? If yes, you'll need to get some indispensable tools to automate your business.

You will discover:

  • The best and low cost email marketing tools to send out, manage and track emails
  • How to create automated follow-up email messages using autoresponders
  • The best monthly hosted autoresponders versus the best out-right purchase autoresponders
  • The best 5 website trackers you can use, for FREE
  • Tips on evaluating and getting online payment account

As you can see from this formidable set of DVD, this is the first ever complete step-by-step hold-you-by-the-hand live presentation to show you how to start your own business or expand your existing business using Internet as a low cost but highly effective tool, no matter whether you are a beginner or Internet savvy veteran.


"We are an Internet Service Provider for web hosting and Internet fax. After attending Internet success coaching program, there is a lot of informative new ideas to help us make money even through ebooks and other mail order products. The whole event draw out loud & clear to everyone from beginner to expert. I stronger recommend anyone who wants to start an Internet business, they should join eOneNet's Internet success coaching program." Kennedy Low, VP of Etanium

Real-life Self Challenge
To challenge myself and prove my Internet success system works without fail, I research and find a new product to sell right after the seminar. I went along with the latest trend and started selling SARS N95 3M Masks by plugging this product into the emall of and launching a new site Within 5 days, I DOMINATED THE TOP SPOTS in major search engines by securing 3 #1 rankings and 9 other top 5 rankings.

The results I started receiving orders the next day from Japan and Taiwan!

2. DIY Web Creator

This is a
user friendly and non-technical web creation tool you can use to develop the website on your own within days.

There is no need to download any software. You will be given an ID and password to access this web-based tool so that you can update your site anywhere and anytime by logging onto the Internet. No more worries or waiting time to get your website updated by your web designer or programmer!

“Thanks for conducting the Web Creator workshop so successfully. I have tried many other asp web creator software and found your software to be very easy to use and fast upload compared to others.
My confidence in your software has enabled me to start building my web site immediately at the tutoring class.”
Eric Gan,
(Principal, EGA Management Services)

For a tutorial of the Web Creator, click here.

With this tool, you'll just need to plug in your products and then you're ready to sell worldwide and receive orders even while you sleep!

3. Internet Marketing and Business Coaching (2 months)

For most people, attending seminars is a waste of time! From my experience of conducting / speaking in over 50 seminars in the last 4 years, 90% of participants do not take any action after attending a seminar. Of the 10% who took action, only less than 3% would succeed. The reason is simply because most of us are not disciplined enough to take action and to follow through but need unequivocal guidance and hand-holding.

To help you meet this challenge, I have introduced a structured 2 months group coaching program which holds participants by the hand what exactly to do each week and hold them accountable to make money within the 2 months period.
With this 2 months coaching, you'll get:

Weekly coaching emails - you'll be sent weekly email to guide you what exactly to do each week


4. Website Tracker

A website tracker will be set up for your site to track the number of visitors and from which search engines they come from and other statistics.
Click here to grab this Platinum Video Coaching NOW

Get, Set And Go
With this incredible Video Coaching Pack, you are set to find a hot product to sell, develop a website that sells on your own, generate targeted traffic to your site, and convert the traffic into sales, and CASH, strictly under our coaching!

BONUS: The exact workbook with powerpoint slides and material given out to the attendees, including the worksheet and group exercises.

FAST ACTION BONUSES (Total $1,100 Value): FIRST 37 who grabbed this Package

Fast Action Bonus #1: My personal critique of the search engines optimization for your site for one time worth $500, which will make a huge difference whether your site will secure the top 10 positions or not.

Fast Action Bonus #2:
My personal consultancy for your Internet business via email for one month worth $600

As my time is limited, I cannot fulfill more than 37 requests for these Fast Action Bonuses without charging my usual fee.

How Much Would it be Worth To You If You Can Hire Me To Be Your Coach For 2 months, To Guide You To Start An Internet Business Set To Generate CASH For You, Day After Day?

Who Is Qualified To Grab This DVD Coaching Video Pack?

Wait, I am NOT going to sell this Video Coaching to everyone, not even at any price!
Unlike most other Internet marketer whose main source of income derives from selling Internet marketing info, my different e-commerce businesses are generating multiple sources of income for me, ranging from selling software, web hosting services, email marketing services, products, to managing websites for multinationals like FujiXerox Malaysia.

You are qualified to grab this Video Coaching Pack only if you satisfy these conditions:

1. You are not allowed to re-sell the Package unless you have signed up as our Affiliate.
2. You are not allowed to teach, present or lecture using any of the materials or share to others what you've learned unless with my written consent.
3. You are not allowed to sell Internet marketing information using any of the materials unless with my written consent.

The reason for these terms is that I want to help serious Internet entrepreneurs, not other Internet marketers as the information presented in this Video Coaching Pack represents my closely guarded secrets of making money online.
The SUPER-VALUE Investment
If you are qualified, you will be pleasantly surprised at SUPER-VALUE of this Video Coaching Pack, and you have 2 options:

Package Features
Your DVD version is the Live Video Recording of the actual hands-on Internet Marketing Coaching where clients are paying US$5,688 to attend

Option A
Internet Success Coaching Platinum

Option B
Internet Success Coaching Megapack

Internet Success Coaching DVDs plus Coaching Manual



2 months Online Coaching weekly Action Plan @ US$350 per month



Access to Online Member Coaching Notes Area

6 months

2 months

No. of Questions you can ask within 2 months (majority to be personally answered by Fione Tan)

30 credits

30 credits

DIY SEO friendly Mega Web Site Builder Tool for 1 Year use with hosting and online support

Yearly Renewal @ US$888 per year

US$1128 N / A

Total Value



( One Payment )



SPECIAL BONUS if your purchase the PLATINUM package today, get FREE Blog Workshop DVD worth US$350!

* this blog workshop where students are paying US$1,500 to attend the hands-on 3 hours workshop that guides you step by step how to create a blog and recommend blog marketing methods for you to make money from BLOGS, is now available in English or Chinese DVD version at the value of US$350 only. For Platinum package dvd internet coaching purchased today, you can get one set of this blog marketing DVD for Free

Shipping & Handling: Add US$ 19 (Worldwide Delivery)

Option A is the BEST VALUE option which provides ALL-YOU-NEED TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

Option B is the second best option if you already have a selling website and you can easily update your site anytime anywhere. If not, you are advised to take Option A.

Any Money Back Guarantee?

Money back guarantee is normally given, in particular, for ebooks, to reverse the risk from the buyer to the seller. However, in this case no money back guarantee is offered for the following reasons:

1. I only want to attract the SERIOUS entrepreneurs who will TAKE ACTION AND FOLLOW THROUGH the instructions given in the Video Coaching Pack and the 2 months coaching. The giving of money back guarantee will attract interested onlookers just to view the materials and give them an excuse not to take action or follow through.
2. I don't need money back guarantee to increase sales because the credibility of this Video Coaching Pack has been overwhelmingly proven with the track record of the websites of my clients, the participants and myself, and my top rankings as the Top Internet Marketing Coach in search engines, and I am more concerned about quality (of participants) than numbers so that I can have more successful testimonials.

Is There A Guarantee For Your Investment?

Unlike some Internet marketers who make unscrupulous claims that you are guaranteed to make back how many times of your investment, I have to be upfront with you. Even though I am providing a fool-proof system and Internet coaching, the truth is that not everyone will make money online because not everyone will TAKE ACTION AND FOLLOW THROUGH.


However, if you are ready, willing and prepared to take action and follow through as instructed, your success is VIRTUALLY GUARANTEED.

Order the Platinum Video Coaching NOW

Is There A Short-cut To Success?

Sure! The short-cut to success is to model after successful people. Instead of spending tons of money and years of trial and error, FINALLY, you have a chance to discover the short-cut to Internet success, from the #1 Internet Marketing Coach.

Is There A Short-cut To Success?
Sure! The short-cut to success is to model after successful people. Instead of spending tons of money and years of trial and error, FINALLY, you have a chance to discover the short-cut to Internet success, from the #1 Internet Marketing Coach. Order the Video Internet marketing course NOW!


best internet marketing coach, website coach
Fione Tan
President & CEO

P.S. Opportunities come and go. If you are SERIOUS in living a dream lifestyle, you owe it to yourself and your family to grab the most comprehensive and fool-proof Internet Marketing Video Success System, ever available, NOW!

P.P.S. If you are still unsure, click here, or otherwise, what do you think might happen to you after 2 months from now?

Internet Marketing Videos
How to use Twitter

How to use Google Search Engine

Award Winning Entrepreneur

Breaking SEO News

Best Internet marketing video course

Worldwide Launch of Internet Marketing DVD Course in Kuala Lumpur
Grab the chance to learn the success system of making money online at the comfort of your home, from the world's top Internet Marketing Coach!


Internet Marketing Coach Fione Tan Releases New Secrets of Million Dollar Internet Business eBook
ClickPress, Apr 1, 2009

教網上賺錢 1元講座常滿
Hong Kong Economic Times, Mar 9, 2009

In the Land of Women
Tatler Magazine,
Mar, 2009

2011 New Release
Fione Tan Secrets WorkBook Series
How To Start A Million Dollar Internet Business WorkBook

Free for Download for e1Club Members!

Fione's new ebook provides aspiring Internet entrepreneurs and struggling website owners with secrets of starting an Internet business and making the first million online. Highlights include:
  • Fione's secrets of making multi-million dollars using proven Internet marketing strategies
  • The Top 3 Internet business making money models
  • Common problems of Internet business and Fione Tan’s solutions
  • Common questions asked by her students and her personal answers
  • Worksheets to enable the readers to apply the successful strategies immediately
Log in to e1Club member area to download

Email ID :
Password :

Forgot your password?
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Internet Marketing WorkBook Video

Testimonial - Dr. Mike Teng
Best internet marketing dvd course
"Hi, I’m Dr. Mike Teng, author of the best selling business book “Corporate Turnaround- Nursing a sick company back to health”. I am also the author of another business book which was recently released: “Corporate Wellness: 101 principles in Turnaround and Transformation”.

I purchased eOneNet’s Home Study DVD package after attending their interesting and informative Internet Marketing seminar.

I must say that the DVD package provides a very comprehensive and yet, easy-to-follow learning approach. It covers all the topics taught during the 2 full days of live Internet Success Coaching, so we do not miss out the important trade secrets and tips that Fione and her team shared. Furthermore, their 2 months online coaching support will ensure we get the help we need.

If you are serious about earning money on the internet, but cannot take an entire weekend off to attend the 2 full day coaching programme, I strongly recommend that you invest in a DVD Home Study pack from eOneNet."

Dr. Mike Teng

Recruit Foreign Students
"4 months after attending the eOneNet's Internet Success Coaching program, I completed my website, and got top rankings in leading search engines. Within a week I received enquiries from as far as Netherlands and Australia. Now I am on the road of negotiating proposals worth US$800 a month per trainee and my investment is almost covered with the first month fee !"

Rajani K,
Launched Company Website
web design company

“ I have tried setting up a company website for a last 3 years. First, we hired a web-design company but the delay made us give up. Then the “ fear of unknown" technical problems caused further waiting. Within this coaching weekend, I realised we can have a website up and running by next weekend as I already have all the contents ready and of course eOneNet’s technical back up.”

Chan Seong Aun
, Director

Capture Target Market
“I have an existing website that has failed to draw enough traffic or customers for the last 2 years. After attending the Internet Success Coaching? Program 2003, I have gained the knowledge, ability and power to improve my website to its highest potential and to capture the right target market!
I highly recommend this coaching program to anyone who intend to start their own website or whose website is not doing well. This seminar is packed with real powerful knowledge that will work and it is soooo easy to follow! Do sign up today!!”

Elaine Quah
Business Executive

CareFood Industries
#1 Reason of Internet Failure
“They don’t know what they are doing does not work before they even started.”
Fione Tan, President & CEO of, the leading e-Marketing Coach
#1 Way of Internet Success
“To model those people who are successful.”
Anthony Robbins, the World’s #1 Success Coach 
7 Steps System To Internet Success
Step #1:
Find or create a product that can sell online.

Step #2:
Grab a domain Name for marketing and branding

Step #3:
Develop a simple but professional website

Step #4:
Create the unique selling proposition (USP) for your products / services

Step #5:
Create compelling copywriting for your website

Step #6:
Get massive traffic for your website

Step #7:
Convert the hits into sales and measure

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Media Coverage of
internet marketing coach - cnbc asia
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Beauty and Bytes - Miss Internet Savvy - Miss -to spread awareness.
Computimes 30.9.2002
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The New Frontier Women Full Page Cover Story of Fione Tan.
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Fione Tan - Winner of "Tribute to True Beauty" from cosmetics brand Shiseido and Clove.
The Star 18.4.2002
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DIY Approach to Web Design,
Jaring Internet Magazine Feb 2002

Yes! I want to get started making money on the Internet NOW,
even with a shoe-string budget and without any products.

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