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WARNING: Don't attend another Internet Marketing seminar, or attempt to start any Internet business,
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Allan Lim

Celine Lo, Malaysia, 17 June 2006

"Being a homemaker for many years, I always want to do something on the internet to make money online, I have been to another seminar on how to make money on the internet but to my disappointment, they are just recruiting people for whatever reason that I don’t event remember. After I attending this seminar .I actually saw the guiding light toward Internet marketing and financial independent. Is very detail and dummy proof, which I can understand easily! Hurray!!"

Alvin Wong

Ding Sieng Loong, Malaysia, 17 June 2006

"Before: Got to much info and ideas from the Internet, and don’t know what to do and how to start
After: with the simple and well structure step-by-step guideline, its now seems a lot simpler and cam make dream came true. This is the only one ( you need, if you are thinking of “integrated Internet marketing."

Asiani Megawati Wijohno

Ho Guek Lan, Adeline, Singapore, 17 June 2006

"Eonenet internet coaching program not only taught on how to start on Internet business, it gave ideas and tips on how to make money. After attending, I'm so eager to work out it, creating my own website."

Herman Susantio

Jonny Wong, Malaysia , 17 June 2006

"I am realy glad to attended this seminar before this I did not know a lot about building a successful internet business and now I can do confident with all essential knowledge gained for this seminar would recommended. This seminar to all those who are Internet starting in asuccessful Internet business."

Herman Susantio

Joseleen Goh, China, 17 June 2006

"Before attending this program, i do not know where and how to start the internet business.After attending the 2 days intensive course, I am so much confidence and ideas to use the internet service to help me in putting my ideas into real business plan."

Herman Susantio

Law Pei Fong, Malaysia, 17 June 2006

" is definitely the top internet marketing coach for everyone who are interested to make more income online even though users of the internet .The Course is comprehensive and it’s well structured syllabus helps everyone the impossible to become as easy as ABC especially within the 6 months coaching guide to success ,it makes the dreamer to become a believer in success! In short with fione Tan and staff, Success is inheritable!! A dream is no longer a dream but just one step way, Join Internet Success Program Now!"

Herman Susantio

Lee Mei Ling, Malaysia, 17 June 2006

"Wow, Fantastic! Too good to be true, Finally my problem of responding to request for “helping the sick to, pray”-a collection of 30 prayers in a booklet is found. The Internet Marketing Successful Coaching program has provided a way for worldwide distribution online through a charitable site, Praise God for his amazing grace, Thank You Fione and staff."

Herman Susantio

Leong Yew Mang, Singapore, 17 June 2006

"After attended the seminar, i'm more confident in internet marketing as this is going to be the trend of the world. Fione has shared with us some of the very powerful tool in driving concern traffic to my website. Before attending the course, I do not know about all these techniques. I also learn techniques of making multiple income from the web apart from just selling product & services on the net. Fione is also a selfless person who is delightted to share whatever she knows. I have all my questions answered and have all the doubt about internet marketing cleared. The six months online supporting provided by eOneNet will also make sure my business is reaching the target I have set."

Herman Susantio

Liew Wai Leong , Malaysia, 17 June 2006

"The eOne Net Internet success coaching i attended in June 2006 was very informative and comprehensive. I was expose to a lot of aspect of internet marketing business and ways to drive traffic to the website that i'm going to build within the next six months. I'm confident that with the support assistance from the eOneNet team, I can be a successful Internet marketer."

Herman Susantio

Neoh Seong Seng, Malaysia, 17 June 2006

"My name is neoh ,I have some basic skill in constructing websites and have desire to sell products online earning extra income. One problem though, I don’t how to start infectively and maintining the flow. During the internet success Program, The sessions were clear and the staff were helpful n friendly .The program offers great practical marketing strategies and ideas on how to earn money though the net.Thanks to I have clear understanding on how to do it."

Herman Susantio

Ong Yew Seng, Malaysia, 17 June 2006

"This program gave us a very comprehensive step-by-step building up online business. I had read many articles about Internet marketing before but seem could not manage to put the pieces up the beginning to the end to make it work for me. After this program, I knew how to source the products, how to sell the products and how to get the buyers internationally out of my expectation, Business plan was include in the program that make we have the fire to make my online business go internationally and professionally, Thank to"

Herman Susantio

Quah Eng Hai, Malaysia, 17 June 2006

"Amazingly! In just two days provide me a “HEAD TO TOE” internet “know how “ and strategies I building a money making website."

Herman Susantio

Samantha, Malaysia, 17 June 2006

"Before I join ISC program, I was a fulltime housewife sitting at home for more than two years and after I resigning from my ex company, Having flexible so much time at home, Online most of time searching that is home base that I can earn money as well passing time while the kids is schooling. I always want something different from the normal routine job that I had before, I’m glad that one of my chat friend told me that there is a website talking about online marketing and this is brought my attention to go online and surfing about this website , and I m very much in interesting than another else. I did compare the other online marketing company with and I find that I making the right choice to come and attend the seminar. I learn something totally new and most hot in the moment and trust that I a few hours later , I start to earn my very first RM 1000.00 or more .If I can do it so do u and don’t waste time, the chances is on your hand..."

Herman Susantio

Toh Choo Ewe, Judy, Malaysia, 17 June 2006

"I am a very skeptical person & talking up this course is a big step for me. I've seen attended few such seminars in S'pore & decided to take up eOneNets',due to its high press profile & endorsement for 1 of the ministries in Msia. My site has been developed & launched a few weeks ago in the main search engines but i'hv not seen any monetary items. I am serious about making money, so i am here today."

Herman Susantio

Winnie Wong, Malaysia, 17 June 2006

"I had been dreaming of doing my own business for a long time. After attending the class, I found that E bz is a bz which i can start with the low capital and low risk yet the return and potential is unlimited. Fione had been sharing with us with her own heart all her skills and knowledge passionately with us in a interactive and lively way. I learn the ways from starting off the bz, marketing of my bz until the ways of generating income. Most importantly. I learn techniques on how to be ranked at top in the search engine. Fione and her staffs had been very helpful in their coaching. Realizing that there are many source of income, I found that I am more confident to enter into E-biz. I will be more capable to generate income not only for myself but also for those unfortunate one."

Herman Susantio

Wong Fook Ling , Malaysia, 17 June 2006

"This program is very comprehensive and covers all the critical aspects of Internet marketing. It exposes the true potential of makingmoney using the Internet and creates a platform for individual to build a solid business for himself or herself."

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